Information has become a crucial asset for all companies worldwide. Each day a company has to face new challenges in the area of information security. New threats are emerging and old ones reappear, more dangerous, under new disguise. But that is not what you do, information security is not core business and this is why you want to have partners with high expertise. This is where we fit in.

In Inter Engineering it is our strong belief that there is no fix-it-all magic software. Each company has different needs and so a different mixture of products, procedures and policies should be considered. That is why we have a wide range of solutions in various areas that form today's landscape of information security.

Anti Malware, vulnerability management, early breach detection


F-Secure is a market leader providing malware protection for over 25 years. All products use a multi layered protection service with the ability to intercept known malware and emerging or zero-hour threats. F-Secure offers antimalware, platform independant protection for home users, small businesses and large corporations. But antimalware protection is just one feature of the multilayered threat protection. Browsing protection, Advanced Web Traffic Scan and Web Content control provide defense mechanisms from internet threats. Software Updater identifies and patches Windows and third-party applications. F-Secure products walk the extra mile and provide unparallel protection from zero-hour attacks. This is accomplished with the DeepGuard technology which detects and blocks malicious activity. The exploit interception module recognizes and blocks exploit attempts, including document-based attacks. For the mobile world F-Secure's Freedome VPN provides protection when connecting to public or untrusted wifi networks, access to blocked content, antitheft mechanism and complete privacy with the VPN feature.

Protection Service for Business is the most comprehensive endpoint security package on the market. It's designed from the ground up to solve challenging business security needs, without significant maintenance or management overhead. It protects all devices against all threats, like ransomware and data breaches. And it includes security for Windows and Mac computers, iOS and Android smartphones, a variety of server platforms, and password protection.

Radar is a turnkey vulnerability scanning and management platform. It allows you to identify and manage both internal and external threats, report risks, and be compliant with current and future regulations (such as PCI and GDPR compliance). It gives you visibility into shadow IT - to map your full attack surface and respond to critical vulnerabilities associated with cyber threats.

Rapid Detection & Response helps prepare your organization for advanced cyber attacks, before and after they happen. It is a fully managed service designed to detect the most skilled of attackers, whether they're using malware or non-malware tactics, techniques, and procedures. It enables you to respond to threats promptly, with actionable guidance from F-Secure experts.

Data Loss Prevention

Accidental or deliberate information loss was always a headeache for all companies. GDPR enforcement changes the rules of the games because DLP could lead to serious financial losses for the enterprise. It is of paramount importance to protect your data from leaving the organization. Policies must be in place to ensure that data exchange will be in compliance with regional legislation.

Cososys Endpoint Protector

Inter Engineering is able to address the issue by employing a variety of solutions like the awarded Endpoint Protector from Cososys, which provides granular control of removable device access rights on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux endpoints. Content Aware Protection Module ensures that data transfers through various exit points such as e-mails or cloud solutions do not contain confidential information. With Mobile Device Management the company enforces complete protection and control of the mobile device fleet while increasing productivity and flexibility. Finally, eDiscovery Module provides visibility into sensitive data at rest and apply remediation actions to prevent unauthorized access and data leakages.

Clearswift Critical Information Protection Server

Clearswift's Critical Information Protection (CIP) Management Server and Agent support a combination of security features – including device control, deep content inspection, remediation actions, encryption and comprehensive auditing. Clearswift CIP is a fully content-aware endpoint data loss prevention solution that provides complete visibility and control of data transferred from the endpoint and stored on it. The transfer of critical information can be logged, blocked or encrypted and the solution provides automated policy-based remediation. The Critical Information Protection Agent scans files for sensitive content and based on a granular organizational policy it provides the necessary flexibility to permit multiple behaviors, depending on the user and destination of file operations.

Web & Email Security

Clearswift RUAG

Clearswift developed a platform that utilizes proprietary technology to deliver content free from malware. It protects against malicious websites, phishing and drive-by downloads that evade detection with the industry's deepest level of web inspection. Unparalleled recursive decomposition and true file detection completely dissembles web traffic and downloads into its constituents parts, ensuring removal of weaponized scripts and payloads without delaying collaboration. It is also possible to prevent data breaches with award-winning Adaptive DLP technology for web, social media and cloud apps. Real-time monitoring, inspection, and unique redaction technology can block or remove only the confidential information leaking, while allowing the rest of the web traffic to continue without disruptive quarantines or false positives.

Clearswift's email gateway solutions protect against zero-hour threats that evade anti-virus and sandboxing analysis by employing deep level inspection techniques. Unparalleled recursive decomposition and true file detection completely dissembles emails into its constituents parts, ensuring removal of weaponized scripts and payloads without delaying email delivery and eliminating false positives. Spam and phishing emails can initiate an attack, so it is important to be stopped, while drastically reducing the amount of time users spend managing their inboxes. Clearswift’s multi-layer defense leverages IP reputations, greylisting, signatures, SPF, RBL, recipient authentication, and machine learning engines to provide more than 99.9% detection rates. DKIM support and an Outlook Spam Reporter crowdsources spam monitoring, registering and elimination. With TLS as standard, and cost options to provide either S/MIME, PGP and password protected files or Web portal-based encryption, the Clearswift SECURE Email Gateway offers a variety of options to cater for customer requirements. Whichever you choose, the Gateway allows sensitive data to be delivered securely, in seconds, using the optimal format for the recipient.

All Clearswift solutions are optimized for data privacy and regulatory compliance (PCI, HIPAA, GDPR, etc.).

Network Security


Modern threats can easily outmaneuver traditional security systems so there is demand for a new approach to network security. Stormshield Network Security solutions are built on the concept of Multi-Layer Collaborative Security. This holistic approach, based on active collaboration between the security engines of our products and solutions, represents the future of in-depth IT systems protection.

Stomrshield is a European leader in digital infrastructure security and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Airbus Defence and Space, that offers smart, connected solutions in order to anticipate attacks and protect digital infrastructures. The product ranges interact with one another to raise the security level of IT, OT, and Cloud environments, regardless of the attack point. These trusted, cutting-edge solutions are certified at the highest level in Europe (EU RESTRICTED, NATO, ANSSI EAL3+/EAL4+).

Privileged Session Management

One Identity Logo

With One Identity Safeguard for Privileged Sessions, you can control, monitor and record privileged sessions of administrators, remote vendors and other high-risk users. Content of the recorded sessions is indexed to make searching for events and automatic reporting simple so you can easily meet your auditing and compliance requirements. In addition, Safeguard for Privileged Sessions serves as a proxy, and inspects the protocol traffic on the application level and can reject any traffic that violates the protocol – thus it is an effective shield against attacks. One Identity Safeguard for Privileged Analytics, gives you insights into who your high-risk privileged users are, and help you monitor questionable behaviors and uncover previously unknown threats from inside and outside of your organization. By using user behavior analytics technology, Safeguard for Privileged Analytics detects anomalies and ranks them based on risk so you can prioritize and take appropriate action and ultimately prevent data breaches.

Encrypted Communications

Tectia SSH

Seamless remote access is a major issue for administrators who want to connect to servers with a secure encrypted method. Tectia SSH is an enterprise-grade SSH server and client. It is used organization-wide by several of the largest banks in the world and by 40% of the Fortune 500 for their business-critical applications. Tectia SSH offers features, reliability, and support that are not available with open source solutions. Secure your infrastructure with mature, professionally maintained software supported by the best experts in Secure Shell.

Strong Authentication


VASCO's IDENTIKEY Authentication Server (IAS) is a comprehensive, centralized and flexible authentication platform designed to deliver complete authentication lifecycle management via a single, integrated system. It offers secure and seamless access to corporate resources and applications of all kinds, from SSL VPNs to cloud-based apps, supports VASCO’s entire range of authentication and signature solutions, and simplifies authentication management for administrators and users alike. VASCO IAS is the perfect fit for any organization, including banking and financial services, looking to centralize and simplify the way they manage their authentication schemes for corporate employees, partners and customers.

Log Management

One Identity Logo

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions are widely deployed to protect networks from internal and external threats. They provide alerting and reporting capabilities based on sophisticated event correlation analysis, but these analyses are only as good as the data collected from devices and applications. One Identity Syslog-ng Store Box (SSB) is an easy-to-deploy log management appliance to collect, normalize, store, search and audit logs. It provides a web-based UI for easy configuration and reporting, ultra-fast full-text search, granular access policies and automated archiving capabilities. SSB collects and indexes events at a very high speed, providing a secure central log storage to feed downstream security and analytics tools, and allows for effective forensics for incident investigations. Syslog-ng Premium Edition can send and receive log messages in a reliable way over the TCP transport layer using the Reliable Log Transfer ProtocolTM, which is a new transport protocol that prevents message loss during connection breaks. It stores messages on the local hard disk if the central log server or the network connection becomes unavailable. The syslog-ng application automatically sends the stored messages to the server when the connection is re-established, in the same order the messages were received. The disk buffer is persistent - no messages are lost even if syslog-ng is restarted.


SecnologySECNOLOGY combines SIM & SEM to offer a truly unique SIEM solution. It provides real time or on demand analysis of security alerts generated by network & security hardware and applications. The segment of security management that deals with real-time monitoring, correlation of events, notifications and console views is commonly known as security event management (SEM). The second area provides long-term storage as well as analysis and reporting of log data, and is known as security information management (SIM). As with many meanings and definitions of capabilities, evolving requirements continually shape derivatives of SIEM product-categories. The product looks for common attributes, and links events together into meaningful bundles. This technology provides the ability to perform a variety of correlation techniques to integrate different sources, in order to turn data into useful information. Automated analysis of correlated events and production of alerts will notify recipients of immediate issues. Alerting can be to done in many different ways (dashboard, email, pop-up….). Finally, SECNOLOGY automate the gathering of compliance data, producing reports that adapt to existing security, governance and auditing processes.

Copy Protection

FeitianFeitian's Rockeye is the ideal solution to protect .NET, Java and PE applications from piracy. The developer does not need to program since the enveloper tool can analyze and protect the application automatically. The solution provides multiple binding conditions to control application delivery (with hardware ID or user ID). The remote update tool allows vendor to control the end-user's device remotely without recalling the hardware dongle.

Secure Email

Cryoserver Email archivingCryoserver is an email archiving solution that keeps all email and attachments secure, protecting and controlling access to data. An organisation using Cryoserver has no need for PST files, as they can be safe in the knowledge that all of their email data is stored efficiently in a secure, centralised archive. The mistake most organisations make is focusing all of their efforts on the storage of emails within an archive. Whilst this is a high priority, the process of archiving goes one step further, because it is essential to have an easy and fast search system that allows users to quickly take advantage of the Cryoserver archive. Most importantly, if policies like GDPR require you to delete the PII (personal identifiable information) you hold on an individual, Cryoserver will enable you to find and remove all the data from your email and attachments and to have the audited proof that you have met the requirement. GDPR requires that you demonstrate 'privacy by design'. This is a philosophy that fits perfectly with Cryoserver. Email data in Cryoserver’s archive can never be altered, removing any risk of vital information being lost. The unalterable nature of Cryoserver also creates evidential quality data, admissible in court. Deletion is audited to ensure the proper channels are followed.

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